Opening Range Success Formula – Geoff Bysshe

Opening Range Success Formula by Geoff Bysshe  includes 9 training modules… each focusing on a unique aspect of the Opening Range.

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Geoff Bysshe, Market Gauge
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Course Overview

The “Opening Range Trading Blueprint” is a comprehensive initial training course that takes you from the very beginning and transforms you into an advanced Opening Range trader using our complete educational foundation and 5 time-tested trading setups. Our system is based on the Opening Range and the price/volume relationship, concepts that are used by some of the world’s best traders, and offer a proven statistical edge.


Course Outline

  • Module 1: Introduction


  • Module 2: Basic Opening Range Theory

This is where we’ll start to dig in on the Opening Range to give you the foundation of knowledge to improve your trading throughout your entire career.


  • Module 3: Quick A.M.

Trades If you’re looking for some quick trading success before lunch, this module will show you some of the fastest and easiest setups to follow for immediate gratification.


  • Module 4: Gapping Bulls and Bears

We’ll show you how to take advantage of the very popular gap trading strategy, with our unique twist to properly protect yourself and find the best setup.


  • Module 5: The 10 O’Clock Bulls and Bears

Some of the best trades are available in the late morning… we call them the 10 O’Clock Bulls and Bears. We’ll show you how to take advantage of these excellent opportunities.


  • Module 6: Reversal Trades

Experienced traders know how valuable spotting reversals can be. We’ll help you understand what’s really happening with reversals, how to pinpoint them yourself, and how to use HotScans to automate the whole process.


  • Module 7: Afternoon Trend Trades

After you’ve mastered the previous morning strategies and setups, you’ll be ready for this afternoon trend.


  • Module 8: Swing Trades with 3-Day Pivots

If you’re a day trader or swing trader, this will be an eye-opening education to leverage your trades for even greater profits.


  • Module 9: Conclusion

We’ll bring everything together in this final module and go back to the big picture of trading the Opening Range.


What Will You Learn?

  • Understanding the Opening Range Basics, the core of market dynamics
  • The simplicity and power of trading around any price * How to use the Opening Range, and which Opening Range to use * Easily recognizing winning Opening Range patterns
  • The most important characteristics of the Opening Range
  • How to catch the morning’s initial momentum burst
  • Finding these golden trade setups with Entries, Exits, and Targets
  • How to pinpoint the best stocks for AM trading
  • How to identify and catch the best gaps each morning
  • Gap setups with Entries and Exits
  • Placing Stops and setting Profit Targets
  • How and when to use the one minute chart
  • Our very best 10:00 Bulls and Bears patterns
  • How to use multiple timeframes the right way
  • The right way to scan for the late morning breakout
  • And much more


Who Is This Course For?

This course is for all traders to update your knowledge of the Opening Range Success Formula.



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