One Shot. One Kill Trading – John Netto

Ex-US Marine John Netto shares his “One Shot-One Kill” trading system in his new book One Shot – One Kill Trading. He explains how to stay calm and focused in the midst of chaos.

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John Netto
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One Shot. One Kill Trading by John Netto Description

Former US Marine John Netto created his “One Shot-One Kill” trading system to combine the patience, discipline, and execution abilities he gained in the military with the technical skills he has developed in the markets. Netto describes in detail his comprehensive, patented One Shot – One Kill Trading Method in One Shot – One Kill Trading. Netto discusses themes of relevance to active traders in One Shot, One Kill Trading, such as:

  • Strategies for remaining calm in the midst of battle
  • How charts may help you sell strength in falling markets and purchase weakness in rising ones.
  • A comprehensive “management matrix” for better trading techniques
  • Using “Netto NumbersTM” to quantify risk exposure and trade validity prior to entrance Using advantageous trader taxation regulations

John Netto

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