On-Demand Options Education – Sang Lucci

On-Demand Options Education by Sang Lucci helps you build the stepping stones on your options trading journey and head in the best direction.

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Sang Lucci
MS Options Trading

Course Overview

On-Demand Options Education by Sang Lucci is a 15+ hour on-demand course that teaches options trading using a unique strategy of momentum trading large cap weekly and monthly options while helping to identify a trading style that fits your personality, financial goals, and capital base.


Sang Lucci’s On-Demand Education is for the trader seeking to learn how to aggressively trade large-cap stocks and options and find the method that specifically suits his or her personal goals.


Course Outline

  • Advanced options
  • Brokers and platforms
  • Introduction
  • Options
  • Tape reading
  • Trading fundamentals
  • Trading psychology


What Will You Learn?

  • Viewing and Analyzing Charts
  • Adjusting Time frames on Charts to Provide Insight
  • Profiting from Market Conditions Using Different Types of Trades
  • Why We Trade Options In the First Place
  • Options 101
  • Reading an Options Chain
  • Priorities for Choosing Platform (especially for options)
  • Adjusting Settings to Maximize Performance
  • Employing Multiple Chart Time frames
  • And many more


Who is This Course For?

On-Demand Options Education by Sang Lucci covers options trading knowledge from the very basics, making it perfectly suitable for beginners.


Sang Lucci

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