Nison Candle Scanner Pro (Mar 2015)

Nison Candle Scanner Pro is a trading software that helps you to recognize patterns in candlesticks for making exciting new breakthrough profits.

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Trading Application, Steve Nison, Candle Charts
MS Technical Analysis

Course Overview

Nison Candle Scanner Pro is a trading application that has been originally designed for technical analysis and finding patterns based on the strategies of the creators. With Nison Candle Scanner Pro you get in-depth knowledge and experience written in the “Bibles” of candlestick charting.


The application is so remarkably easy to use. You don’t need to know how to program a computer. You don’t need to write any formula code. You don’t even need to know how to tell the difference between a “hammer” and a “doji.”  You just pick the pattern you want from a list and – in real time – you’ll see those signals in your market pattern pop up right on your computer screen!


Then you can use your favorite technical tools to zero in on the markets with confirming signals to help put the odds in your favor and maximize your trading profits.


Course Outline

  • NCSPRO_NT7_Setup.exe
  • Instruction.txt
  • Screenshots
  • _(Mar 2015)


What Will You Learn?

  • Save Hours of Research Time
  • Automatically See Steve Nison’s Favorite Candle Patterns
  • Discover Which Patterns are Happening Now
  • Benefit From Strict Criteria
  • Which Patterns Are On Specific Charts
  • And many more


Who is This Course For?

Nison Candle Scanner Pro is a helpful trading application that traders at any level can fully utilize for profits.


Steve Nison

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