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Trading like a cheetah and understanding the influence of planets on sectors and stocks. Discover what produces the chaos clamshell and other chaotic phenomena. Using astro-cycles for intraday time reversal and using a neural network to predict stock market movements.

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Samir Tahir, Fxlifestyle
MS Financial Trading

Millionaire Fxlifestyle Forex Course by Fxlifestyle Description

Samir Tahir, also known as FxLifestyle, went from selling candies in his parents’ basement to being a multi-millionaire forex trader. He grew up in an impoverished neighborhood in London City, UK, with little possibilities for a young fifteen-year-old who dreamed of a life where he could purchase good things and give something back to his parents. His professors had virtually given up on him since he was uninterested in school and would often daydream. He’d never been academic, and a university education was out of the question.

He realized one day after school that he didn’t have enough money for the bus, so he decided to sell his final chocolate bar for twice the price he bought for it. When a buddy of his gave more money than the chocolate was worth, he realized he might earn more money in the future by selling chocolate, candies, and soft beverages. He began by purchasing bulk sweets from bargain retailers and selling it all for a profit.

Here’s what you will learn in this course:

  • What is forex?
  • The nature of forex
  • How to trade forex
  • How to apply technical analysis
  • Support and Resistance
  • How To Be A Successful Trader
  • How I Trade the market daily
  • My strategy trading the forex market
  • Money management and risk
  • How to look at the charts the same way the banks and hedge funds look at the charts
  • Using planned lines to find support and resistance
  • Planetary hard aspects trading
  • Planetary soft aspects trading
  • Astro-geometrical techniques for determining trend change
  • Discover George Bayer’s well guarded secrets.
  • Using astro-cycles for intraday time reversal
  • Using a neural network to predict stock market movements


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