General American Accent Workshop – Dialect Coach Chris Lang

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General American Accent Workshop by Dialect Coach Chris Lang teaches you how to master the American accent that is much in demand in Hollywood.

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Chris Lang, Dialect Coach Chris Lang

Course overview

General American Accent Workshop by Dialect Coach Chris Lang includes 12 specific sessions on how to communicate fluently with the American accent. This workshop dives into professional pronunciations along the 4 P’s route. This will help you improve your communication skills like a real American.


Course outline

  • Session 1: Introduction and Roadmap
  • Session 2: The 1st “P” – People
  • Session 3: The 2nd “P” – Posture (Vocal Tract Posture)
  • Session 4: The 3rd “P” – Prosody (Music of the Accent)
  • Session 5: The 4th “P” – Pronunciation – REVIEW of Accent Skills
  • Session 6: The 4th “P” – Pronunciation 1 – Front Vowels
  • Session 7: The 4th “P” – Pronunciation 2 – Back Vowels
  • Session 8: The 4th “P” – Pronunciation 3 – Central Vowels
  • Session 9: The 4th “P” – Pronunciation 4 – Closing Diphthongs
  • Session 10: The 4th “P” – Pronunciation 5 – Centering Diphthongs
  • Session 11: The 4th “P” – Pronunciation 6 – Consonants
  • Session 12: Congrats!! Wrap Up & Next Steps (Time to go work with your dialect coach!)


What will you learn?

  • The 4 P’s route helps you get the most out of it
  • Natural pronunciation, fluent in American
  • How to recognize and improve common mistakes when pronouncing


Who is this course for?

General American Accent Workshop is for those who want to improve their professional English skills and practice their American accent.

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