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Swing Beast Momentum by Pollinate Trading is a master plan that quickly expands your small account.

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Course Overview

Swing Beast Momentum by Pollinate Trading lets you know how percent your win before buying or trading any transaction.

The main function of the Swing Beast Momentum Course:

  • Quickly take smaller accounts and grow them to larger accounts. Giving the user the exact stop loss point and the when to exit.
  • The swing beast strategy is based on the SQN indicator, which determines appropriate occasions to have good deals or stay in cash. The strength is protecting your capital by getting rid of the substandard trades

Course Outline

  • Strategy shows you how to make your account larger and larger
  • Easily predicting what’s going to happen and how to remove the risks
  • Understanding risk management, position sizing, price strategy
  • The good way to choose equities, depending on the market regime
  • The SQN indicator tells you when to start trading, which allocates the capital well
  • Easy to implement
  • Know how percent your win – one of the well-earning master plans available in the market
  • Learn the precise setup, know when to join, and when to stop
  • Bringing 4, 8, or even 10R returns
  • Exactly identify the stocks that are able to explode and eliminate ones that have lower chances of big moves
  • Learn how to predict human psychology behind capturing profits, momentum, and limit news-chasing
  • Position sizing is the most important factor for succeeding in trading
  • Works with stocks, Cryptocurrencies as well as Forex, and Futures
  • If applied in a suitable method like the Swing Beast, you can take the result of 10x improvement
  • Studying how to break markets into smaller sectors to pay attention to where the chance is, instead of hopelessly guessing the opportunity can appear or not
  • Continuously updated Swing Beast Momentum Course

What will you learn?

  • Quickly take smaller accounts and grow them to larger accounts
  • Momentum swing trading strategies save your time and money if you obey completely
  • Get specific knowledge in trading and finance

Who is this course for?

Anyone, including beginners or professionals, can make out Swing Beast Momentum fully and carry on with it with ease.



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