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Micro-Futures Formula (Pro Package) by Simpler Trading may be the last step between you and the success of getting the size of your account triple.

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Course Overview

Micro-Futures Formula (Pro Package) by Jack Roberts – the director of options strategies and micro futures of Simpler Trading – will separate you from the 95% rest of the traders that are losing money every day by showing the most optimal techniques for identifying winning positions. The secret lies within the word ‘micro-futures’. The market for futures trading and options trading is difficult to get the hang of due to the unpredictable nature of volatility, preventing traders from taking advantage of it and making actual profits. This is also the reason why micro-futures can be such an attractive investment.

Micro-Futures Formula (Pro Package) will walk you through a step-by-step tutorial on spotting when low-risk trades are most likely to occur. Alongside regulations showing you what to and not to do, and criteria for picking profitable entries or exits, you will soon see for yourself how easy it can be to get the size of your trading account double or even triple. With the course, the frameworks lay bare in front of your eyes, all that is left to do is follow the guidance.

Course outline

  • BASIC version folder
  • Live sessions folder

What will you learn?

  • The formula that allows the author to grow his account 500% bigger in just a few months
  • Making hundreds of dollars in just an afternoon with micro-futures
  • Proven regulations and frameworks for consistent flows of trading income
  • Criteria for spotting and executing a winning position
  • Deepening your knowledge about the volume breakout system

Who is this course for?

Micro-Futures Formula (Pro Package) by Simpler Trading is designed for everyone who is looking for the right method of spotting low-risk positions – which basically means every trader out there.



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