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Cryptocurrencies & Wyckoff by Learn Crypto helps you identify these trades and risk management techniques to protect your capital when investing.

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Course Overview

The Cryptocurrencies and Wyckoff Course is an online educational course that teaches students how to detect and execute “Primary Trading Opportunities” which are low risk/high return trades. The course includes many charts from various online Cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as short educational videos outlining Wyckoff Principles at work.


Course Outline

  • Lesson 1: What is Cryptocurrency?
  • Lesson 2: Bitcoin and Satohi Nakamoto
  • Lesson 3: Foreword (Quiz)
  • Lesson 4: The Basic Law Of Supply And Demand (Quiz)
  • Lesson 5: Judging The Market By Its Own Action (Quiz)
  • Lesson 6: Charts
  • Lesson 7: Buying and Selling Waves (Quiz)
  • Lesson 8: How A Campaign Is Conducted (Quiz)
  • Lesson 9: Market Technique And Volume Studies (Quiz)
  • Lesson 10: Significance Of Trend Lines (Quiz)
  • Lesson 11: Chart Studies – Vertical Charts (Quiz)
  • Lesson 12: Chart Studies – Figure Charts (Quiz)
  • Lesson 13: Buying And Selling Test (Quiz)
  • Lesson 14: Refinements
  • Lesson 15: Stop Order (Quiz)
  • Lesson 16: Accumulation (Quiz)
  • Lesson 17: Jump Across The Creek (Quiz)
  • Lesson 18: Distribution and the Upthrust After Distribution (Quiz)
  • Lesson 19: The WWyckoff WWave Crypto Index and the Optimism-Pessimism Index (Quiz)
  • Lesson 20: The Force (Quiz)
  • Lesson 21: The Technometer (Quiz)
  • Lesson 22: General Instructions (Quiz)
  • Lesson 23: Market Philosophy
  • Lesson 24: Conclusion
  • Lesson 25: Final Exam
  • Lesson 26: Glossary


What Will You Learn?

  • The Wyckoff Trading Method to help you identify these trades and risk management techniques that will help you protect your capital when investing
  • Combining both these aspects of trading and our teachings on position entry and exit points you will find yourself able to detect the proper points to enter and exit your trading positions
  • Quizzes after every lesson to help test your comprehension of the lesson
  • Comprehensive Final Exam


Who Is This Course For?

Cryptocurrencies & Wyckoff by Learn Crypto is for all traders who want to learn and consolidate knowledge about the crypto market.



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