Bitcoin Trade Group – BTG

Bitcoin Trade Group – BTG covers in-depth training courses with over 200 hours of video content by three professional traders.

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Course Overview

Bitcoin Trade Group – BTG is run by three professional traders with 20 years of combined experience in the markets. It covers in-depth training courses with over 200 hours of video content.


Course Outline

  • Beginner course includes topics like understanding the market structure, order blocks, top-down analysis and more
  • Intermediate course includes topics like supply and demand significance, breakers, ranges, triple stop reversal patterns, and more
  • Advanced course includes nuanced topics like trading market opens, liquidity gaps, scalping strategies and more, which are derived from our founders’ experience over the years


What will you learn?

  • Draw from their knowledge and deep understandings of the markets to aid your own trading journey
  • Attractive strategies shared by professional investors


Who is this course for?

  • Suitable for all levels, especially beginners
  • For those who want to systematize their skills and invest their knowledge to become good traders.


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