Design Profitable 3D NFTs for the METAVERSE and NFT Markets – Muhammed Kosek

In this course, we will go over simple tactics for modeling, painting, and rendering tasks with you. The course looks to be a beneficial, straightforward, and enjoyable lesson for you.

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Course overview

Crypto, blockchain technology, NFT, and Metaverse are the future’s bright and smiling faces. Furthermore, because it will be original and in need of development, it offers a fresh new and significant earning potential. As a result, let the Design Profitable 3D NFTs course lead you on your bright NFTs path.

We will study quick strategies for modeling, painting, and rendering tasks with you in this Design Profitable 3D NFTs course. The course appears to be a useful, clear, and fun lesson for you. As we all know, 3D modeling is both a pastime and a massive industry that generates a lot of money. Listen to complicated issues and apply them in simple and straightforward ways.

This Design Profitable 3D NFTs course is designed for intermediate students who wish to use Blender 3D to create realistic models. This course will educate students who use the Blender program and want to enhance their abilities with highly helpful shortcuts. For prospective designers, metaverse, NFT, and digital art technology are crucial and profitable opportunities.


Course outline

The Design Profitable 3D NFTs course shows you the trading knowledge and skills via these in-depth sections below:

  • Part 1 – Modeling Part:
    • Rocket Body modeling
    • Rocket Window modeling
    • Rocket Stand modeling
    • Rocket Engine modeling
    • Modeling Fire and Smoky
    • Separating our object
    • Adding Strip to our NFT rocket model
  • Part 2 – Coloring and Rendering Part:
    • Coloring our 3D NFT | Metaverse model
    • Rendering our 3D NFT | Metaverse model


What will you learn

In the Design Profitable 3D NFTs course, online traders can gain these significant values:

  • Creating 3D NFT assets
  • 3D Space Rocket Modeling for NFT Projects
  • Utilizing Blender 3D
  • You will get valuable practical knowledge.
  • Blender is used for 3D rendering.
  • 3D asset modeling with Blender for METAVERSE projects


Who is this course for?

The Design Profitable 3D NFTs course is ideal for:

  • Those with an interest in art.
  • Those who have intermediate knowledge who are interested in Blender.
  • Those who desire to make 3D models for video games.
  • Those who desire to model 3D assets for METAVERSE projects and develop 3D NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens).


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