Bitcoin Basics

This Bitcoin Basics course serves as the ultimate introduction to blockchain for both developers and non-developers. Aside from the technology, this course will introduce you to some of the concepts behind decentralization and why it is so popular.

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Course overview

The Bitcoin Basics course can be considered as the first complete introduction to Bitcoin, from its contentious history to how to make money trading and mining Bitcoin to the main tools, websites, and everything in between, from a Bitcoin trader/hedge fund manager who has already made hundreds of thousands of dollars in this developing market.

The Bitcoin Basics course will teach you the fundamentals of bitcoin and introduce you to entrepreneurs who have received tens of millions of dollars in funding, the venture capitalists who back them, and some of Silicon Valley’s brightest engineers, all of whom will share their unique perspectives on how bitcoin can change the world.

Course outline

These signature terms/principles pertaining to Bitcoin will be taught in the Bitcoin Basics course, including:

  • Blockchain Foundations: In this topic, you will gain knowledge about the backgrounds, the history, etc. of blockchain. These contents can help you better understand some of popular questions, for instance:
      • What is blockchain?
      • Why are people excited about blockchain?
      • In what ways has blockchain developed over time?
      • What is the move to decentralization?
    • The Technical Side: This topic covers the highlight aspects of blockchain, for example: Hash functions, public key cryptography and signing, blocks and blockchain, the chain, nodes, and network.
  • Blockchain in Use: This topic will tell you how people apply blockchain, for example:
    • Framework of trust and consensus mechanisms.
    • Blockchain interoperability.
    • Public, consortium, private blockchains when to use a blockchain (limitations and misconceptions).
    • Blockchain implications for traditional business.

What will you learn?

The Bitcoin Basics course will allow you to reach these significant values:

  • Better understanding the rationale for decentralization.
  • Blockchain and the technology that powers it.
  • Better understanding about bitcoin and explore further into Ethereum, a next-generation blockchain.
  • Being more up-to-date with modern blockchains and its applications.
  • Blockchain case studies from industry leaders.

Who is this course for?

The Bitcoin Basics course is tailored for:

  • Those who are interested in studying the fundamentals of Bitcoin as a technology and a currency
  • Those who are looking for an introduction to Bitcoin, blockchain technology, and/or cryptography.
  • Those who want to learn more about the concept of decentralization and why there is so much interest in it.




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