Calender Max – Calendar MAX

Calendar Max by Calendar MAX provides a severe EDGE to Options traders, and gives the potential for very good Reward to Risk ratios.

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Course Overview

Calender Max includes in-depth trades that go through roller coaster rides, and it’s an incredible learning experience. Create a consistent shorter-term income by taking maximum advantage of the unique features of Calendars and Diagonals.

Course Outline

  • Yield a superior EDGE with Calendars & Diagonals, and take advantage of high reward possibilities in a low volatility environment
  • Calendars & Diagonals are modified to double Calendars and Diagonals, which effectively could boost the EDGE on the trade by a factor of two
  • Calendars & Diagonals are the only Theta Positive and Vega Positive trades, which gives rise to unique opportunities when Volatility is low, as has been for years

What will you learn?

  • Understand how such an “Edge” can be created and maintained
  • Learn a specific method to get the Edge
  • The standard structure attracts Reward to Risk ratios of 3:1 or more

Who is this course for?

  • For options traders of all levels
  • For those who want to learn to trade in Low Volatility environment


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