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Created by Better Trader Academy, Automation Strategy Development for Busy Traders deep dives into the process of automation for the consistency of profits.

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Course overview

Are you an active trader, but recently kept buried in work? Don’t worry. With Automation Strategy Development for Busy Traders, you will soon know that your trading can also have its own flow. Automation Strategy Development for Busy Traders covers all the tips and the tools for trading automation, as well as thoroughly careful preparation for readers to understand the market patterns and movements.

Better Trader Academy is established by a group of professional traders experienced in a variety of trading instruments. The ultimate goal is to share practical techniques and knowledge,  vividly complemented by exclusive trading charts and case studies.

Course outline

  • Module 1 Introduction to Automation and getting started with the basics
  • Module 2 Controlling software applications with Automation
  • Module 3 Advanced Automation Flow
  • Module 4 Managing Automation using Excel
  • Module 5 Troubleshooting and Handling Errors
  • Automated Strategies Development – Audio
  • Automated Strategies Development – Code
  • Automated Strategies Development – Presentation
  • Automated Strategies Development – Transcript
  • Bonuses

What will you learn?

  • Understanding the trading market patterns and movements for developing automated strategies
  • Getting Insights into the trading market via software and technical tools for reading charts
  • The techniques and processes of backtesting for effective application when it comes to live trading
  • How to run and analyze the backtest results, made by the TradeStation and others
  • Common difficulties and optimal solutions
  • Hands-on tips to develop solid trading strategies

Who is this course for?

Automation Strategy Development for Busy Traders is a precious trading knowledge resource for those who are on a hectic schedule or any seasoned traders who want to push their trading game onto the automation phase.

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