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In the trading industry, you can only make money by using money. Workshop: Unusual Options will teach you to get the most out of your property.

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Course Overview

As an average trader, you are more likely to use the free information deducted from the movements of the market or insights from bigger professionals. But no one will actually teach you to understand the meaning behind big options volumes observed from Unusual Options Activity (UOA) – a tool for observing the current situation of the options trading market – better than  Workshop: Unusual Options by Active Day Trader.

The course shows you what exactly UOAs are and how you can utilize them and integrate them as part of your trading strategy for interpreting the meaning behind big movements in the options trading market and forecasting the upcoming trends. With Workshop: Unusual Options by Active Day Trader, more information means more power as you can know more techniques and methods to keep your options contracts on winning positions.

Course outline

  • Workshop Unusual Options.mp4

What will you learn?

  • The most optimal approach of using money to make more money
  • The tool used by market makers to evaluate the stock options
  • The intention behind options orders
  • Making profits with the transparency of options volume flows and keeping opaque stock volume away
  • Scanning for unusual options activities from the movements of the market
  • Adjusting your scanning techniques in different market conditions

Who is this course for?

Workshop: Unusual Options by Active Day Trader is designed for intermediate traders and upper levels with a passionate commitment to succeeding as options traders.



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