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War Room Technicals Vol. 4 by Trick Trades reveals the powerful techniques and strategies that you can apply to your trading to get ahead in the market.

War Room Technicals Vol. 4 by Trick Trades


War Room Technicals Vol. 4 by Trick Trades deep dives into the trading strategies and techniques that could help you gain the phenomenal transformation of your trading profits. In the fourth volume of the War Room Series, you will learn the never – seen – before strategies that Pat, the founder of Trick Trades, has applied to his trading and instructed his members on. Besides the frameworks, the best practices are also shared so that you can win higher profitability without undertaking high risks. 


Overview of what you get in the War Room Technicals Vol. 4 by Trick Trades:

  • The strategies that help you earn high profits when a key level is broken by a stock. You learn how to pick an optimal entry. 
  • The management of risk/reward ratios is shared when you widen your stop,  through the instructions on certain key areas that are essential for capital preservation. 
  • The best practices to set a stop with options. 
  • How to manage risks that you undertake when trading options: in trading, you need to understand risks to earn profits. 
  • How to trade options with a small account, you learn how to minimize the risks that you have to undertake to grow your trading account. 
  • The strategies of scalping for the maximization of returns with the specific criteria to develop and conduct such scalping setups. 
  • How to select the profitable stocks that you should invest in and how to avoid investing in cult stocks. 
  • Instructions on breakouts of IPOs, and the related common mistakes.
  • Insights into a confirmation candle and select how to find a favourable candle.
  • And so much more!


There are two hours packed in the War Room Technicals Vol. 4 by Trick Trades, which can help you earn high profits in such a highly volatile market. You need to have a solid foundation that can help you grow with consistency for long – term profits. In the series of the War Room, you are like collecting fruit in the harvest after long – term nourishment and practicing. The step – by – step guidelines on effective strategies are combined with the illustrations of case studies and examples. The proven frameworks are shown in the course, which can expand your frame of references to achieve high profits without undertaking risks. It is helpful to learn from those who have the realistic experiences of trading, and Pat is among the top traders in the market. 

About Trick Trades

War Room Technicals Vol. 4 Trick Trades

Trick Trades was founded and developed by Pat Mitchell. With the aid of professional trading for years, Pat Mitchell and his team worked on the curriculum of trading courses sharing powerful techniques and strategies. Trick Trades is an online platform where you can get access to his brilliant insights into the development of trading strategies and techniques to earn high profits. The best practices and common mistakes are pointed out through in – depth analysis of case studies and examples.

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