Wall Street Self-Study Course (All Levels)

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Wall Street Self-Study Course (All Levels) highlights the power of analysis for insight generation in the development of financial modeling. The A-Z guide comes along with illustrations of case studies and examples, so you find the course much more understandable. 

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Wall Street Prep, Financial Modeling

Course Overview

Wall Street Self-Study Course (All Levels) addresses advanced concepts of financial modeling. The combination between theory instructions and case studies enables learners to take a deep dive into the structure and learn practical tips. You can draw insights into the financial markets through powerful analysis, which contributes to a workable financial model.

Course Outline

  • Advanced Financial & Valuation Modeling
  • Advanced Financial Modeling
  • Core Model
  • Basic Financial Modeling
  • Company Overview
  • Company Profiles
  • Complex LBO Modeling & LBO Model Enhancements
  • Complex Trading Comps Analysis
  • Complex, Super-Advanced Merger Modeling
  • Corporate Valuation Methodologies & Corporate Finance Basics
  • Deal Comps Analysis
  • Precedent Transactions
  • Finance 101 Introduction to Finance
  • How to Analyze a 10K
  • M&A Deal Structuring
  • Merger Modeling Basics
  • Overview of the Financial Markets
  • Quick & Dirty Basic LBO Model
  • Quick & Dirty Trading Comps Analysis
  • Treasury Options

What Will You Learn?

  • A detailed guide on financial modeling.
  • The best practices that accelerate the process without decreasing its effectiveness.
  • How to draw valuable insights from analysis to build a powerful financial model.
  • Confidence in developing an effective financial model.

Who Is This Course For?

The course is for those who want to learn how a financial model works and how to build one.



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