Trident. A Trading Strategy – Charles L.Lindsay

This is an old-school book that employs technical analysis. If you’re acquainted with the ABCD trading pattern, this is essentially what it is, plus a lot more mathematical crunching to determine trade levels.

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Charles L.Lindsay
Trading & Investing MB

Book Overview

The Trident technique has become a key component of many “e-mini Futures” trading schemes. Following all of the processes and reasons of the Trident technique development and Trident Case Histories needed a “difficult read” and a lot of perseverance.

Its most intriguing aspect was that it does not require the backing of any other technical trading indicators. Its “Balance Price” logic employs “recent” price trends as advice for anticipating impending price trend changes and executing a potentially successful transaction or avoiding a possibly losing one. Though not expressly stated as developmental factors, the reader may detect Trident’s agreement with the traditional ideas of Gartley, Elliott, and Fibonacci.

Book Outline

  • The Story of Trident
  • Price Action Theory
  • The Trident Model
  • Trident market Applications
  • Trident Trade Criteria
  • Trident Market Analysis

What Will You Learn?

  • Boost your trading plan
  • Improve trading knowledge and skills

Who Is This Book For?

  • Both novice and experienced traders


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