Traders Secrets – Murray Ruggiero, Adrienne Toghraie

Traders Secrets by Murray Ruggiero and Adrienne Toghraie demonstrates that without the right mindset, no tool can give the profits you wish for.

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Trading Psychology, Murray Ruggiero, Adrienne Toghraie
Trading & Investing MB

Course Overview

Traders’ Secrets took the mystery out of what people do to make money trading. Finally, a book about real people, showing that trading can be successfully done with the right set of tools.” – C. Bloom, Money Manager.


Traders’ Secrets by Murray Ruggiero and Adrienne Toghraie offers a rich portrait of fourteen ordinary but determined individuals, who went on to achieve extraordinary success as full-time equity and commodity traders. Murray Ruggiero analyzes each trader’s timing methods and trading systems while Adrienne offers compelling insight into winning market trading psychology.


Course Outline

  • Chapter 1 – Yousef Hashmi – The Canadian Don Quixote Interviewed June 1998
  • Chapter 2 – Glen Ring – A jack of all traders Interviewed March 1998
  • Chapter 3 – Herb Drechsler – Never too old Interviewed January 1998
  • Chapter 4 – Sheldon Knight – A knight in technical armor Interviewed March 1998
  • Chapter 5 – Stelios Christakos – A gifted Greek Interviewed June 1998
  • Chapter 6 – Bob Watson – The Zen trading warrior Interviewed August 1998
  • Chapter 7 – Ed Pomeranz – Caviar to schnitzel Interviewed September 1998
  • Chapter 8 – Neal Dietz – The “Systems Man” Interviewed February 1998
  • Chapter 9 – John Fritz – Born to be special Interviewed March 1998
  • Chapter 10 – Alta Wood – Living the real bull market Interviewed August 1998
  • Chapter 11 – Al Gerebizza – His own genie in a bottle Interviewed May 1998
  • Chapter 12 – Mike Battle – Sticking to his guns Interviewed July 1998
  • Chapter 13 – Scott Krieger – West meets East Interviewed February 1998
  • Chapter 14 – Tom Bierovic – On the road again Interviewed February 1998


What Will You Learn?

  • The secrets of 14 people in other professions who made it full-time into the trading world and became successful traders.
  • Psychological and technical modeling studies


Who is This Course For?

Traders Secrets by Murray Ruggiero and Adrienne Toghraie is a trading psychology course that shows trading can be successfully done with the right set of mind, which is perfect for traders at any level.



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