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The Unbalanced Butterfly Strategy Class – Simpler Trading shares the practical insights into how to profit in a highly volatile market with the best tips. This strategy is a hidden gem offering an almost unfair advantage over the traditional setup.

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Course overview

The Unbalanced Butterfly Strategy Class – Simpler Trading clarifies the Unbalanced Butterfly for the consistency of options profitability. The solid foundation of this strategy helps you understand the explanation of how to execute the strategy in real trading, under the instruction of the Simpler Trading expert. 

Besides the knowledge about the techniques and setups, you will also learn the best tips to get the upper hand in the trading market. The course also reveals the most common mistakes to save you from the costs of hidden perils. 

This course is designed for Options Trading.

Course Outline

  • Blueprint to Unbalanced Butterflies Live Session 1
  • Blueprint to Unbalanced Butterflies Live Session 2
  • Unbalanced Butterflies 1: Intro
  • Unbalanced Butterflies 2: Building Fly
  • Unbalanced Butterflies 3: Real Examples
  • Unbalanced Butterflies 4: Breaking Wing

What will you learn?

  • The overview of the Unbalanced Butterfly rigs and how you could leverage them for an increase in trading profits. 
  • The guideline of High Probability Lotto Ticket for steady profits. 
  • How to gain top-out profits with minimal risks using the template of an effective checklist.
  • The techniques of position sizing to grow your profitability.  
  • The better methods to spend less time monitoring, but still maintain high profitability. 

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for traders who are looking for high probability weekly options income with the potential for windfall gains. 



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