The Obnoxious Profit Method – Truly Obnoxious Profits Strategy {TOPS} – Simpler Trading

The Obnoxious Profit Method: Truly Obnoxious Profits Strategy {TOPS} by Simpler Trading brings the light on the shortcut and tools to earn higher profits without undertaking great risks.

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Simpler Trading, Raghee Horner
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Course Overview

Through the participation of the trading course The Obnoxious Profit Method of Simpler Trading, students will go on the journey with the mentorship from Raghee Horner on how to perfectly resolve the hidden information in the financial market through chart reading. The trading course The Obnoxious Profit Method will illustrate to traders the proprietary tools that can give out an obnoxious amount of return on income and that is the same tools that has helped Raghee Horner to become successful in her career being a trader. In addition, traders can develop their timing skill through The Obnoxious Profit Method  since the trading course also includes the illustration on how to enter the market and exit the market on the “right” time so that every trade that you are going to yield into the financial market would be a feasible one.

In addition, the trading course The Obnoxious Profit provides step-by-step instruction on how to achieve the breakthrough in trading and go from novice level into the top level and also how to read the chart like a professional trader with over 3 decades in the financial market. Join The Obnoxious Profit and receive amazing level-up in trading with mentorship from Raghee Horner. The trading course The Obnoxious Profit Method  of Simpler Trading will contain it all and through live trading sessions and strategy sessions that Simpler Trading has formatted the course, traders will surely escape mediocrity in trading.


Course Outline

  • Recorded strategy class.
  • ST_Darvas Box
  • ST_Propulsion Indicator
  • GraB Candles and 34 EMA Indicators
  • Three Recorded Live Trading Sessions.
  • Recorded Indicator Installation Session.


What Will You Learn?

  • How to quickly read any chart like a 30-year pro.
  • Raghee’s proprietary tools for identifying obnoxious profit opportunities.
  • When to use which indicator (and when NOT TO!).
  • Learn to read critical price levels across all charts.
  • How to avoid “buying tops and selling bottoms”.
  • Raghee’s disciplined entry and exit strategies.


Who Is This Course For?

The course is for every trader at every level.



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