MQ Momentum Trender Pro 1.0 – Base Camp Trading

MQ Momentum Trender Pro by Base Camp Trading clears out the confusion of the reading chart and provides you with certain signs for better decision-making.

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Course Overview

The MQ Momentum Trender Pro indicator by Base Camp Trading shares the heavy lifts of chart reading to set up a favorable environment for you to gain the top–out profits. The real trading charts are provided in the course to shed light on how the indicator can help you. The turning points of the market trends and price actions will be easily identified with the aid of visual charts. It cuts down on your time and effort when conducting the technical analysis and reading charts to draw insights.


The whole process of how to utilize the MQ Momentum Trender Pro indicator is shown in the course under the instruction of the Base Camp Trading experts. Once you can understand the market patterns, you can forecast its next moves in terms of when and where. Therefore, the benefits of the indicator are powerful enough to accelerate the process of strategy setups. The indicator is available on multiple platforms, such as TradeStation, TOS, Multicharts, ESginal, and so on.


Course Outline

  • MQ Momentum Trender Pro Indicator


What Will You Learn?

Available for the following platforms:

  • TradeStation
  • thinkorswim
  • NinjaTrader
  • SierraChart/Infinity AT
  • eSignal
  • MultiCharts


Who is This Course For?

MQ Momentum Trender Pro 1.0 by Base Camp Trading is an indicator that provides the simplification of the chart reading process and many other services for traders at all levels.



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