Hans Hannula – Trading the Eclipses

Eclipses are not as often as quick planet movements, but they may be highly helpful to your trade when they occur. Allow Hans Hannulad’s Trading the Eclipses to teach you how to use the genuine eclipse method to your trading advantage.

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Course overview

Eclipses are not as frequent as rapid planet movements, but when they occur, they may be quite beneficial to your trade. Let the Trading the Eclipses by Hans Hannulad help you discover how to use the actual eclipse method to your trading advantages.


Via the Trading the Eclipses by Hans Hannulad, you can see that when an eclipse appears, at least on this early date, there’s one that says we’re going higher, and another that says we’re falling lower. Hence,  we find that it might be easier to predict where an eclipse will appear and what the market will do.

Course outline

The Trading the Eclipses by Hans Hannulad will guide you through your trading journey with these topics below:

  • Mechanics of Eclipses
  • Market AstroPhysics of the Eclipses
  • The Eclipse Market History
  • The Eclipse Database
  • Database Study Results

What will you learn?

In the Trading the Eclipses by Hans Hannulad, online traders can:

  • Techniques for determining the eclipse date.
  • Techniques for looking for any astrological occurrences or combinations of celestial bodies.
  • The ability to foresee the trend as it changes at the time of the eclipse, although it frequently occurs close to this day.
  • Knowledge of when the Moon will cross the celestial equator and when it will complete a full round and return to the location where it was during the last eclipse.

Who is this course for?

The Trading the Eclipses by Hans Hannulad is tailored for:

  • Those who want to bring their trading journey to the next level with the whole brand new knowledge and skills.
  • Those who are interested in the unique trading knowledge and skills, which are rarely being used by most of the traders.
  • Those who are already familiar with trading for a long time.


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