Fractal of Pi – Hans Hannula

Fractal of Pi by Hans Hannula contains the details of a fascinating original discovery about the nature of markets.

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Hans Hannula
MS Stock Market

Course Overview

Fractal of Pi is a course about a mystery-not an unsolved mystery, but a mystery solved. I speak of the secret of when markets will make those breathtaking chaotic streaks. Streaks are those fast moves that seem to come out of nowhere and move markets large distances in a matter of hours.


Course Outline

  • The Mystery of the Streaks
  • Energy Fields in Markets
  • The Geometry of Waves in Energy Fields
  • The Fractal of Pi Pattern
  • Fractal of Pi Examples
  • Behaviors of the Fractal of Pi
  • Trading the Fractal of Pi
  • Scaling Charts to Use the Fractal of Pi
  • Conclusion


What Will You Learn?

  • Know the energy fields that drive markets and the geometry of the patterns in these fields
  • The development of the Fractal of Pi pattern and its application in markets through multiple examples
  • Know a new powerful tool to help you find these “chaos cracks” and to help you Cash In On Chaos


Who Is This Course For?

Fractal of Pi by Hans Hannula is for all traders who want to find more information about the mystery of the streaks.



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