Complete 4-Book Course: Four-Dimensional & Market Science Volumes I & II – Bradley F. Cowan

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Complete 4-Book Course: Four-Dimensional And Market Science Volumes I & II by Bradley F. Cowan guides you on the Geometry and Cycle analysis and other aspects. So, your technical analysis becomes much more effective.

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Course Overview

Complete 4-Book Course: Four-Dimensional And Market Science Volumes I & II by Bradley F. Cowan  teaches market analysts the development of reliable financial market models. It is possible to forecast price-time behavior years in advance.

These strategies combine geometry and cycle analysis to determine price and time swings. Some workbook-style questions/answers support price and time forecasts with high accuracy!

You can uncover the principles of operating systems to have more valuable insights into the indicators. Such information will be helpful when you read charts, candle patterns, etc. As a result, you can decipher hidden stories involved in market volatilities. Accurate forecasting of the next market moves will be your trading edge!

Course Outline

  • Simple interpretation of the cycle bottom’s periodicity and the tops varies.
  • Decoding the mysterious disappearing 52-month cycles.
  • Instructing you on the geometry and the cycles to pinpoint future market turns.
  • The scientific basis of financial market geometry.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to decipher the messages by technical analysis for the creation of the financial market models.
  • Better understanding of the cyclical patterns for more accurate market forecasting.
  • Enhancing your knowledge about techniques of Geometry and Cycle analysis
  • Getting the optimal timing of trade actions, such as trade starts/stops and market entries/exits.
  • Risk management techniques for consistent profitability.
  • And so much more!

Who Is This Course For?

A comprehensive walkthrough of technical analysis and practical frameworks is what you can expect from this book. So, it can be suitable for all traders no matter how experienced they are.



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