Find High Probability Turning Points in Any Time Frame – Simpler Fibonacci

The course Simpler Fibonacci: Find High Probability Turning Points in Any Time Frame of Simpler Fibonacci shows you how to use this strategy and trade better.

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Carolyn Borden
MS Technical Analysis

Course Overview

Simpler Fibonacci: Find High Probability Turning Points in Any Time Frame will assist you in identifying accurate, high probability inputs and outputs to use in your trading. Afterwards, you’ll discover how to employ Fibonacci Analysis to get a significant advantage in any time period in which you choose to trade stocks, futures, foreign currencies, or exchange-traded funds.

Carolyn Boroden also controls the risk/reward ratio (RRR) using basic tools that are available in most trading platforms, according to the company. With this tool, you will be able to swiftly and simply identify low-risk newcomers as well as current market trends.

This training also assists you in identifying areas where trends may be reversing. In addition to learning how to profit from long-term profitable trades by employing Fibonacci extensions, you can also understand why significant turning points in the market tend to occur in Fibonacci price clusters. In addition, Carolyn demonstrates how to alter your stance and tactics in response to turning moments in the situation. By doing so, you will be able to plan trades for retracements, extensions, and projects well in advance.

Find High Probability Turning Points in Any Time Frame course outline

  • Strategy Session
  • Homework Videos

What will you learn?

  • Find accurate, high-probability entrances and exits using Fibonacci support and resistance levels Fibonacci sequence simplified
  • Use Fibonacci Analysis to obtain a significant advantage when trading stocks, futures, currencies, and exchange-traded funds in whatever time period you choose
  • Manage the risk-reward ratio (RRR) with basic tools offered in most trading platforms Fibonacci sequence simplified
  • Quickly and easily target low-risk entrants and current trends Fibonacci sequence simplified
  • Identify trends that are likely to revert
  • Use Fibonacci extensions as profit objectives to extend profitable trades
  • Change the size of your position and strategy dependent on the turning points
  • Prepare trades ahead of time by utilizing retracements, extensions, and predictions.

Who is this course for?

Find High Probability Turning Points in Any Time Frame by Simpler Fibonacci is designed to:

  • Traders who get better in finding precise, high-probability entrances and exits.
  • Traders who want to better target low-risk entrants and current trends.


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