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This course provides a substantial edge due to its real-time and end-of-day scanning capabilities. These scans enhance the capability of the Elite Trader Package by locating Buy and Sell Signals for each trading instrument.

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Course overview

With their real-time and end-of-day scanning capabilities, the Elite Trader Package gives a significant advantage. These scans maximize the power of the Elite Trader Package by discovering Buy and Sell Signals for every trading instrument. They also function on any time interval, tick, and volume — as well as other chart styles including Renko, Range, and Kase Bars. You may perform real-time scans to find the strongest intraday signals, as well as end-of-day scans to find signals across daily, weekly, and monthly time frames!

Course outline

Below are the contents that will be presented to online learners in the Elite Trader Package:

  • Reversal Indicators, Trend Indicators, and Stop-Loss/Profit-Target Indicators: Simplify and improve your trading! The Elite Indicators will help you diagnose trends, pin-point market reversals, and issue explicit buy, sell, and exit signals.
  • Automated Signal Scanning — Locate the Best Trade Setups in 5 Minutes! Gain an invaluable edge with real-time and end-of-day scanning capabilities! Run real-time scans to locate the strongest intraday signals and end-of-day scans to locate signals across the daily, weekly and monthly time-frames.
  • Effective Across All Instruments, Interval Periods, and Chart Types: The proprietary algorithms behind the Elite Indicators work across all interval periods of time, tick, and volume — as well as alternative chart types like Renko, Range, and Kase Bars.

What will you learn?

In the Elite Trader Package, online traders can learn:

  • The ability to identify the most powerful buy and sell signals.
  • Time-saving and frustration-reducing abilities.
  • Plans and tactics for increasing trading profits.

Who is this course for?

The Elite Trader Package is tailored for:

  • Those who need to improve their skills to completely control over the strength and frequency of the signals.
  • Those who need to experiment with different combinations of input settings to find what works best for their specific trading style.
  • Those who need the course which can help them to trade stocks, options, ETFs, fixed income, futures, or Forex, etc.


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