Analyst Academy Pro – Behind The Balance Sheet

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Analyst Academy Pro by Behind The Balance Sheet sheds light on various aspects of investing, such as asset management, private equity, investment banking, etc.

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Stephen Clapham, Behind The Balance Sheet

Course Overview

Analyst Academy Pro by Behind The Balance Sheet covers essential aspects of investing with detailed instructions. Yet, you do not learn with assumptions or raw theories. The course provides the lens of reality through the analysis of real case studies and examples.

Course Outline

  • Module A: Investment Theory and Accounting.
    • Part 1 – What is a Value Investor
      • Tenets of Benjamin Graham
      • Value Investing
      • Growth Investing
      • Great Investors
    • Part 2 – Introduction to Accounting
      • Introduction to the 3 Primary Financial Statements
      • Accounting Jargon Explained
    • Part 3 – How to Analyze Accounts
      • A Walk Through One Company’s Accounts
      • Ratio Analysis
  • Module B: Analyzing the Business. 
      • A Successful Investment – Routes to Price Appreciation
      • How to Find Ideas
      • How to Test the Investment Hypothesis
      • Assessing a Company’s Quality – Compounders and Moats
      • Analyzing the Industry Sector
      • Analyzing the Company
      • Evaluating the Strategy
      • Assessing Management
      • Company Financials
      • Valuation
  • Module C: Valuation
      • Valuation Theory
      • Enterprise Value
      • Stock Market Multiples
      • Other Valuation Techniques
      • More Sophisticated Valuation Approaches
  • Module D: Constructing and Maintaining A Portfolio.
    • Technical Analysis
    • Final Decision
    • Portfolio Construction
    • Risk Management
    • Portfolio Maintenance
    • Macro – Economics and more
    • Disruption
    • Behavioral Finance
    • ESG
  • Module E: Stock Pitch.
    • ESG – What you need to know
    • How to construct a profit forecast
    • How to build a robust model
    • How to write a research note
    • Macro – Economics and more
    • How to prepare a stock pitch
    • How to present a stock pitch

What Will You Learn?

  • Better understanding of financial accounts and relevant documents, such as the balance sheet, P&L, cash flow, audit report, etc.
  • The best tips for checking whether the stock is valid or not.
  • Learning the best practices to pick valuable or potential stocks through helpful techniques of stock value evaluation.
  • The step-by-step guideline on building and maintaining a portfolio.
  • How to compile all the pieces of investing techniques in your strategy through deep dives into real case studies.
  • The mechanics of financial modeling, data analysis, etc.

Who Is This Course For?

The course is a great starting point for anyone who wants to start their investment career.



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