Wolfe Waves – Bill Wolfe

Wolfe Wave pattern is highly beneficial and is significantly underutilized. If you have a keen interest in stock markets, forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, you have come to the right book.

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Wolfe Wave, Bill Wolfe
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Book Overview

Wave methodology is the product of about thirty odd years of studying technical analysis. Early on, I had the good fortune of having John Magee of Edwards and Magee fame, introduce me to some excellent books and reliable chart patterns.

The Wolfe Wave is actually a composition of 5 different wave patterns in price that implies an underlying equilibrium price. It denotes supply and demand through the five waves which fight towards an equilibrium price.

Wolfe Waves can develop on both short terms as well as long term time frames. This could range as fast as a few minutes up to months. It is majorly used by traders to predict where the price is heading and an approximate time when it will get there.

Book Outline

  • What is The Wolfe Wave
  • The Theory of the Wolfe Wave
  • Bullish Wave
  • Rules for Bullish Wolfe Wave Structure
  • Bearish Wave
  • Rules for Bearish Wolfe Wave Structure
  • Practical Application
  • Tactical Notes (Mental)
  • Tactical Notes (Technical)
  • Tactical Notes (Chart Reading)
  • Tactical Notes (Miscellaneous)
  • The better you execute, the better your position!

What Will You Learn?

  • Skills to determine the prediction of price movement.
  • Skills to build your expertise in the Wolfe Wave strategy that is useful not just in stock trading but also in forex trading.
  • Usage of Wolfe Waves as a predictive indicator.
  • Easy identification of bullish and bearish trends denoted by the Wolfe Wave.

Who Is This Book  For?

  • Traders who are interested in The Wolfe Wave
  • Traders who want to master the prediction of ‘timing’ in addition to the prediction of price point.
  • Traders who want to time your trades based on the resistance and support lines denoted by the pattern.

Bill Wolfe

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