The DNA of Successful Trading Course

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The DNA of Successful Trading is a trading course that teaches you the fundamentals of trading. Hence you may easily trade in any financial instrument you choose after the groundwork is solidly in place.

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Course overview

The DNA of Successful Trading from SMBtraining is a trading course that they describes as a structured mentorship program that focuses heavily on skill development. The DNA of Successful Trading will include a course format of 9 modules that go from novice trading expertise to professional level trading knowledge. The trading course will discuss everything that traders need to know in order to get better, from the basics of what a successful trade should have, how to keep risk at bay and achieve the best possible conclusion, price action analysis, and so on.

Course outline

  • Module 1: Stock Selection and Game Plan
  • Module 2: The Seven Fundamentals of One Good Trade
  • Module 3: Risk Management
  • Module 4: The SMB PlayBook
  • Module 5: Trade Review
  • Module 6: Best Trades To Develop
  • Module 7: Price Action Analysis
  • Module 8: Trading Psychology
  • Module 9: PlayBook Trades
  • Module 10: The Report Card
  • Module 11: Trading Consistency
  • Module 12: Sizing
  • Module 13: Trading a Live Account
  • Module 14: Reading the Tape examples
  • Bonus: Ten Lessons From The Trading Desk
  • Bonus II: Six Essential Trading Lessons from Top Traders You Need to Learn
  • Bonus III: Automated Trading with Andrew Falde

What will you learn?

  • Skills to improve from the principles of how a successful transaction should have
  • Ways to keep risk at bay and obtain the best outcome.
  • The price movement analysis in trading.
  • Fundamentals of trading that will enable you to trade in any financial instrument easily.

Who is this course for?

This The DNA of Successful Trading course is designed for:

  • Those who need to know more about the foundations of how a solid trade should have.
  • Those who need ways to minimize risk and get the best possible outcome.
  • Those who need to improve their skills in price action analysis.


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