The 5 Day Momentum Method – Jeff Cooper

The 5 Day Momentum Method by Jeff Cooper 

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Jeff Cooper
MS Technical Analysis

Course Overview

In his first book, Hit & Run Trading, Jeff Cooper taught traders how he has made his living day-trading stocks over the past decade. The book is such a success that it is now back for its fifth printing in its first 18 months.

Now, for the first time, Jeff Cooper releases the 5 Day Momentum Method — his most powerful trading system for those traders who are looking for substantial 3 – 7 day gains.


Course Outline

  • The specific, simple-to-follow rules to identify the fastest moving stocks
  • Where to exactly place your entry and exit orders
  • Where and how to take profits
  • Advanced trading techniques to maximize gains
  • Precise options strategies to leverage yourself to gains of 50% – 200% within days
  • … and much, much more!


What Will You Learn?

  • How to identify the exact day and price to enter these stocks before they explode again
  • How to risk only 1-2 points and your upside potential is 5 – 20 points, all within 5 days


Who Is This Course For?

The 5-Day Momentum Method by Jeff Cooper is for experienced traders who like studying technical analysis trading.



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