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Swing Trading Systems Video Home Study focuses on helping traders break their barriers to reach the next level in trading. The course teaches you how to get rid of the old beliefs that are holding you back, reprogram them or build new ones to make sure you gain maximal profits. Once mastering this course, you will be able to improve both your personal psychology and trading strategies for more steady profits.

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Course overview

Swing Trading Systems Video Home Study is created to help traders break the mold for higher profitability. If you think your old beliefs are preventing you from making the most of your trading, this course can come to your rescue.

Provided by The Van Tharp Institute, this course is aimed to boost your income to the next level and is suitable for Swing Trading.


Course outline

Part I

  • Section 1: Baseline Lectures
  • Section 2: Channeling System and Overreaction System
  • Section 3: Trading Strategies
  • Section 4: Bonus Section

Part II

5 Days Down System, 551w System, and Washout System

What will you learn?

  • How to recognize the key beliefs that prevent you from performing at a peak level.
  • How to reprogram those beliefs.
  • How to use feeling release and mental strategies to better your trading.
  • Five reliable trading systems for the bull, sideways, and bear market types that have a winning trade percentage of 50% and greater.

System 1: Channeling – Long only system, the bull market only.

System 2: Overreaction – Long and short positions, generates signals in both bull and bear markets.

System 3: 5 Days Down – Long only, works in bull, sideways, and bear markets.

System 4: 551w – Long only, bull, and sideways markets.

System 5: Washout – Long only, bull, sideways, and bear markets.


Who is this course for?

Swing Trading Systems Video Home Study – Van Tharp Institute is one of the best bets for those who want to have solid trading systems for bull, sideways, and bear markets. With this video home study, you can learn at your own pace and in your own place!


Additional information

Apart from the 5 systems listed above, the course also provides you with “System” 6 which includes multiple additional ideas and trading strategies. In this system, Dr. Long will be sharing with you his trading strategies, new system ideas, systems in the research stage, new “production” systems, and the system development process in general. In this workshop, you will also get to know ideas for taking swing system signals to find shorter-term trades.

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