Options Master Class – Sang Lucci

Options Master Class by Sang Lucci shares proven frameworks applied to options trading so that you can gain maximal profits and undertake minimal riks in such a volatile market.

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Course Overview

Options Master Class by Sang Lucci sheds light on techniques and strategies to win giant profits in the options market. Basic aspects and effective frameworks come along with the instructions and realistic examples. Details but not complicated instructions are what you can expect from this course.

Course Outline

  • INTRO TO OPTIONS MARKET – A Survey of the options market and what makes options so unique.
  • INTRO TO OPTIONS BASICS – Need-to-know terms and functionality of options contracts.
  • BLACK-SCHOLES MODEL – An introduction to the flagship option pricing model.
  • CALLS – A closer look into this alternative to a long stock position.
  • PUTS – An up-close perspective of the put option.
  • SYNTHETICS – Discovering how calls and puts are interchangeable.
  • SPREADS – Learn how to offset directional and premium risk.
  • DIRECTIONAL STRATEGIES – Making money in bull or bear markets through predetermined options plays.
  • INCOME STRATEGIES – Developing methodologies to monetize your equity position through option plays.
  • HEDGING STRATEGIES – Learning the options techniques to better manage your risk.
  • VOLATILITY STRATEGIES – Generating revenue in both volatile and calm market conditions.
  • ROLLING POSITIONS – Making money in bull or bear markets through predetermined options plays.

What Will You Learn?

  • All-around fundamentals of options trading.
  • Various strategies and techniques for minimal losses and maximal profits.
  • Detailed instructions and illustrated examples for better understanding.

Who Is This Course For?

The course is designed for options traders, both beginners and experienced traders.



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