Michael Jenkins – June 2010 Training Video

June 2010 Training Video by Michael Jenkins shows where to put stops and calculate risk and where to expect to take profits or follow up with a trailing stop.

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Course overview

June 2010 Training Video has a basic objective to take any person from scratch and put them in front of a computer graphics screen and get them to the point where they can trade and make money almost every day if they follow the advice. While it is geared to ‘newbies’ there are a number of great tips and discoveries Michael Jenkins has NEVER put into his books before that make trading very quick and easy and one or two are more than worth the cost of seeing the film.

Even professionals with 15 years of experience will be amazed at his signal bar forecasting methods that can give EXACT highs and lows on 15 min, 60 min, daily, and weekly charts with a calculation that literally takes less than 5 seconds to apply.

Course outline

  • The basic bar chart
  • Determining the trend
  • Principles of trend
  • Accumulation / Distribution
  • Wave Patterns
  • Time Frames
  • Tips on keeping time frame perspectives
  • Midpoints and gaps
  • Angles
  • Secret of the impulse slope
  • Trend lines
  • Basic Geometric Angles
  • Selecting stocks with angles
  • Fractal boxes
  • Angles create cycles
  • Basic Secret Angle principles
  • Reversal of trend
  • Measured moves
  • Measured move trading
  • Basic retracements
  • Offset angles
  • Square roots and increments
  • Natural Ratio Lines
  • Combining impulse slopes with ratios
  • Circular arc targets
  • Equal balancing concepts
  • Stop loss disciplines and strategies
  • Entry points
  • Buy strategies
  • Retracement forecasts
  • Basic overlap strategies
  • Regression to the mean
  • Pre opening estimates and next day probabilities
  • Intraday scalping
  • Intraday common patterns
  • Options
  • Square out principles
  • Adding cycle harmonics to angles
  • Analysis of different charts and trends
  • Tape reading
  • Money management and risk
  • Daily market reversal principles
  • Secret of the reversal bar
  • Forecasting targets from the very first bar
  • Offset angle adjustments
  • Principle of doubling
  • Simple trading strategy
  • Trailing stops
  • Moving averages
  • Starting to trade
  • Complete trading cycle example using rules
  • Common time cycles
  • Time and price combinations
  • Offset angle projection targets
  • Angle grid projection targets


What will you learn?

  • How to read a bar chart and how to determine the trend, the reversal points, target objectives, and time periods for culminations
  • Learn many technical analysis techniques for stock trading like the Jenkins True Trend Line or various  ‘forecasting’ tools
  • Know where to put stops and calculate risk and where to expect to take profits or follow up with a trailing stop

Who is the course for?

  • Suitable for both newcomers to the market and experienced traders
  • Don’t know how to divide the time and proportion properly to achieve perfect results


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