Intensive Boot Camp 5-Day Course – The Institute of Order Flow Analytics

Intensive Boot Camp 5-Day Course by The Institute of Order Flow Analytics walks you through techniques and strategies that worked in the real trading world. You can learn powerful techniques and strategies through the lens of reality.  

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Mark Stone, Order Flow Analytics
MS Financial Trading

Course Overview

Regardless of the training option you choose, all instruction at the Institute of Order Flow Analytics will focus on tangible concepts designed to transform novice traders into professional speculators.

The focus is on building a strong foundation in identifying shifts in directional control of the eMini S8P futures market before any indicator or oscillator car post-corf information. This is done by identifying key intra-day market phase transition points that coincide with chart regions of substantial volume distribution. It’s the study of establishing areas of opportunity where professional traders will be initiating trades and challenging novice retail trader stops.

From those points of interest, we will teach you to read simple patterns in the order flow to trigger trades with the momentum of the professional traders behind you. All trading decisions are complemented by our proprietary analytical software which breaks down the order flow into an easy-to-read, non-time-based chart format.


Course Outline

  • Order Flow
    • Probes & Rotations
    • Classifying Volume
    • Volume Clusters
    • Trade-Stop Reconciliation
  • Analysis Patterns
    • Support – Responsive Buying
    • Resistance – Responsive Selling
    • Breakouts – Buyers Initiating
    • Breakdowns – Sellers Initiating
  • Entry & Stops
    • Limit/Market Trading
    • Algo Assisted Entry
    • Trade Tracking Technology
    • Rotation-Scale Strategy
  • Chart Structure
    • Martlet Transitions
    • Volume Distributions
    • Range Analysis
    • Algorithmic Pivots
  • Trading Strategy
    • Morning Analysis
    • Opening Range
    • Critical Hours
    • Trading Plan


What Will You Learn?

  • Discover What Makes the Market Tick
  • Volutin Clusters, Structure, and Retail Stop
  • Timely entries and exits
  • How to develop viable strategies for maximal profits and minimal risks.
  • And so much more!


Who Is This Course For?

The course is for every trader who wants to deep dive into technical analysis and build adaptable strategies.


Mark Stone

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