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Freak Forex Fundamentals by Forex Fundamentals is an absolute must-have for your growth and development as a serious financial market participant.

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Forex Fundamentals
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Course Overview

This complete package filled with an incredible number of real-world examples for traders covers all 32+ hours of intensive training on Rob’s indicators, setups, strategies, trend trading and more.

Just as importantly, this bundle includes several hours of additional question-and-answer follow-up which leads to Rob clarifying and expounding on several key points and sharing additional strategies and concepts not shared initially in his other videos. This complete course is an absolute must-have for your growth and development as a serious financial market participant.


Course Outline

What is Inside?

  • GDP (Gross Domestic Product) (4:05)
  • Retail Sales (3:24)
  • Inflation (5:50)
  • Labour Market (2:37)
  • Central Banks (7:15)
  • Hawks & Doves (3:02)
  • Central Banks & Monetary Policy Divergence (4:46)
  • Building A Picture With Central Bank Information (7:20)
  • Central Bank Action Example (2:00)
  • Central Bank Rate Decision Example – FOMC Cut Rates (4:55)
  • FOMC Rate Decision Example (4:05)
  • President Joe Biden Market Reaction (3:06)
  • Global Economic Slowdown (3:15)
  • Correlating Economies and Currencies (3:11)
  • Commodity Linked Currencies (2:30)
  • Bond Market Correlation To Currency Market (4:24)
  • Safe-haven Currencies (3:52)
  • StarSafe-haven Currencies Market Example (3:57)
  • Geopolitical Events (4:20)
  • Geopolitical Impact On Market (Examples) (3:53)
  • Geopolitical Market Reaction Example – Trump Announces Tariffs On China (9:12)
  • Impact Of Covid-19 (8:52)
  • Stock Market – Currency Correlation (3:08)
  • Market Flash Crash (5:12)
  • Economic Calendar (4:15)


Supply & Demand Trading

  • Introduction To Supply & Demand
  • Finding Demand (5:43)
  • Finding Supply (3:10)
  • Time Frames (3:32)
  • Economic Event Example 1 (4:36)
  • Economic Event Example 2 (3:56)


What Will You Learn?

  • The fundamental analysis essentially determines whether a currency is undervalued or overvalued
  • Learn the fundamentals of the respective currency
  • Conducting forex fundamental analysis
  • And much more


Who Is This Course For?

Freak Forex Fundamentals by Forex Fundamentals is for all traders who want to fundamentals of a respective currency.


Ken Chigbo

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