Fluent For Life – The Vault

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No formal textbook. With just engaging endless hours of video and audio lessons, Fluent for Life – The Vault is a must-have for any student targeting fluency.

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Drew Badger, EnglishAnyone

Course overview

With Fluent for Life – The Vault, you only need under 30 minutes a day to start using English just like not only a native speaker, but also a professional eager to take on the most difficult communication topics. Fluent for Life – The Vault introduces the hidden ‘Communication Switch’ in your brain, which can be practiced anywhere – whether it is at home, the gym, work, or anywhere else. Requiring no formal textbook study or memorization, Fluent for Life – The Vault teaches you the diverse vocabulary to take on a wide range of topics, as well as tips and tricks to overcome shyness of starting conversations with strangers, or even before a crowd.

Course outline

  • Over 8 YEARS Of Fluency Training
  • Over 300+ Hours of Video & Audio Lessons
  • Over 550 PDF Printable Transcripts
  • Over 23,500 Native Words & Expressions
  • Fluency “Hacks” to Make It All Easier to Learn

What will you learn?

  • How to qualify your statements like a native speaker to avoid any misunderstandings and confusion in your speech
    • Building confidence and overcoming your shyness with tricks on how to start and maintain a conversation with strangers
    • Starting and holding a conversation with anyone
    • Expressing yourself more colorful with advanced vocabulary on a wide range of topics
    • Essential ‘slang contractions’ – incorrect grammar in use that should make your speech sound smoother.
    • Ways to avoiding common mistakes and make use of communication strategies you won’t learn in schools
  • Easy way to remember vocabulary words

Who is this course for?

Fluent for Life – The Vault is perfect for aspiring students, at any level, looking for a fool-proof fluency building system, and the best values to their English learning journey.

Additional Information

Fluent for Life – The Vault is established by Drew Badger, the man behind the Youtube channel ‘EnglishAnyone’ with more than 1.2 million subscribers. Once struggling to learn Japanese while being abroad, Drew Badger came up with the ‘Communication Switch’ and then gathered all his knowledge extracted from his failures to create the ultimate fluency class, now known as Fluent for Life – The Vault, helping thousands of students around the world.

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