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After finishing the XelPlus Academy Black Belt Excel Package, you will be familiar with many of the advanced features and capabilities accessible in Microsoft’s sophisticated spreadsheet tool.

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Course Overview

After completing the Black Belt Excel Package by XelPlus Academy, you will be familiar with many of the advanced features and functions available in this sophisticated spreadsheet program from Microsoft. With the ability to perform advanced activities in Excel, you will be able to extract more power from your spreadsheets, significantly shortening task durations and increasing overall efficiency.

If taught correctly, you can learn Microsoft Excel quickly and effortlessly. This course, created by Leila Gharani – a Microsoft MVP (Most Valued Professional), which is a type of “black belt” from the Microsoft world. Hence, she can cover all aspects of Microsoft Excel. Her years of experience teaching people of various skill levels “how to use” Microsoft Excel, has planned, honed, and perfected this course to make it simple for you to master it.

Course outline

  • Excel Essentials for the Real World
  • Advanced Excel
  • New Excel Functions in Office 365/2021
  • Excel Charts & Visualization
  • Visually Effective Excel Dashboards
  • Ultimate Excel Waterfall Charts
  • Unlock Excel VBA & Macros
  • Power Query – Beginner to Advanced
  • Power Pivot & DAX

What will you learn?

  • Completing Excel tasks and your workday faster than ever
  • Whipping up beautiful dashboard and reports with ease
  • Reaching into your toolbox and pulling out formulas other people don’t even know exist
  • Automating workflows, importing large data sets, and cleaning data with the flick of your wrist
  • Discovering new insights in your data and seeing what everyone else has overlooked

Who is this course for?

This course is designed to:

  • All skill levels, from beginners to expert users.
  • You may return to this Excel course at any moment to review topics or learn more about MS Excel.


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