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If you use TradeStation and want to rapidly and effectively trade the methods in the High Probability ETF Trading book, you may get the official add-on module for the High Probability ETF Trading book.

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Course Overview

If you are a TradeStation user and would like to find a way to trade the strategies in the High Probability ETF Trading book quickly and efficiently, you can order the official add-on module for the High Probability ETF Trading book.

This module was programmed by 25-year TradeStation programming veteran Stuart Okorofsky to ensure that the results you receive from these indicators and scanners are accurate. The add-on module will only take minutes to install and get up and running. It includes strategies, RadarScreen indicators, and TradeStation Scanner indicators for the following strategies:

  • RSI10/6 & RSI 90/94
  • RSI 25 & 75
  • 3-day High/Low

These indicators will allow you to scan your custom selected list of ETFs for potential setups within seconds every night. Additionally, you will receive suggested entry and exit levels with each signal.


What Will You Learn?

  • Have a solid grasp of financial market trading.
  • Recognize the significance of psychology in trading.
  • Skills to stick to a strategy and trade it.
  • Understanding of the purpose and use of technical indicators like moving averages, divergence, and the Ichimoku method. Understand candlestick analysis and price movement approaches.
  • Have a thorough grasp of money management and account security.
  • Recognize multiple timeframe analysis


Who Is This Course For?

  • Anyone interested in learning how to trade in the financial markets (including but not limited to forex, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies etc)
  • Anyone who is already trading on a demo or real account and wants to improve their trading skills and success.


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