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The 002. Research Tool – SHORT – Momentum + Pattern Course by – QuantpTrader is designed to teach you all you need to know about short selling from start to finish, including exclusive information on how to benefit from a down market.

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Day Trading

Course Overview

This is a collection of SHORT trading ideas that have been completely written in Amibroker and can be modified and adapted to your own needs, as well as back tested further. Currently includes around 100.000 trading ideas that employ the Momentum principle for short signals, as well as my Pattern trading library. Trading ideas use the daily time-frame. You may do your own study and backtest your hypotheses using intraday or weekly data. You may put those to the test with your LONG trade ideas to improve performance.

The 002. Research Tool – SHORT – Momentum + Pattern Course  by QuantpTrader is intended to teach you all you need to know about short selling from beginning to end, including rare information on how to profit from a bear market. You’ll get firsthand information from someone who has been there before.

Instead of focusing just on the ‘long’ side of the trade, you’ll learn how to trade while the market is falling. You’ll learn how to transform your trading skills into a simple revenue stream.

Course outline

  • Course Introduction
  • Introduction about Research Tools: Advantages and Disadvantages of Research in trading
  • In-depth session about Research: Goals, purposes and guidelines.
  • In-depth session about how to use research tools for different trading styles.

What will you learn?

  • The Basics of Short Selling Essential Day Trading Terminology
  • How to Identify Shorting Opportunities Quickly
  • Short Squeezes and How to Profit Quickly
  • Strategies for Risk and Money Management in Margin Trading

Who is this course for?

This course is designed to:

  • Traders who are looking to consistently improve their research skills with tools
  • Traders who are looking to make massive returns and consistent gains in any market condition.
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