FAQ ABOUT Ongoing Group Buys

A group buy is a form of cost-sharing with a number of buyers who want to access the same product or service. Joining one helps you make the purchase at a much more economic price!

A common concept is to equally divide a course price between Group Buy members. Yet, Library of Trader’s group buy model will apply 10% of the original price regardless of how many participants there are. 

You should set up and log in to your LibraryofTrader account. Then, browse the products in our Ongoing Group Buys. 

Case 1: There is the product you want to buy.

  • Add the course to your cart. 
  • Process the payment as a preorder. 

Case 2: There isn’t the product you want to buy. 

  • Click on Requests.  
  • Submit the information about the product name, product link, etc. 
  • Our team will check whether we can buy the product. 
  • If the product is purchasable, 
    • You get our confirmation email and the suggested price. 
    • If you agree to buy the product, kindly process the payment. 
    • We send the download link via email within 2-5 weeks. 
  • If the product is not open for GroupBuys, we will inform you via email. 

LibraryofTrader processes all the group buys with the respect to copyrights and authors’ works. So, rest assured that you are engaging with a legal system.

Besides, our group buys aim at helping you to upgrade your knowledge and skills at an economical price. For those who have a tight budget, it is an ideal alternative. 

Yet, if you can afford the full price of the course, buying from the authors is advisable. 

  • Enriching your knowledge and skills. 
  • Saving money by paying only a portion of the full price.
  • Widening the circles of your network through the connections with members in Group Buys.

It usually takes from two to five weeks to complete. Some cases can take longer, yet you will not have to wait more than eight weeks. If there is any change or update, our support team will inform you via email, Skype, etc.  

We accept online payments via PayPal, Webmoney (WMZ), Perfect Money, Crypto, and Visa/Mastercard. 

If a group buy does not make it, we will refund your money and offer a coupon of 10% for your next purchase on our website. 

A GroupBuy needs at least three participants to activate the whole process. 

Courses you buy through GroupBuys will not include software, physical materials, live seminars, etc. Besides, we will not support a group buying a course that costs more than $5000. 

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