Andrew Cardwell

Author, Speaker

Andrew Cardwell is president of Cardwell RSI EDGE, Inc. He started his trading career as a broker with McCormick Commodities in 1978. He ended his brokerage career to focus on researching and developing his trading technique around the relative strength index.

Andrew now offers exclusive RSI basis and Edge courses for individual traders, money managers, and technical analysts in more than 27 countries.

A highly respected and sought-after lecturer, he has presented at some of the most prestigious financial conferences worldwide. From 1990 to 1995, he edited weekly market commentary for the Financial News Network and has also appeared on CNBC. John Bollinger referred to Mr. Cardwell as “Dr. RSI” on the occasion of an appearance on FNN. His articles have been published in Futures Magazine and by Knight-Ridder News Service. Mr. Cardwell was featured in Consumer Reports’ “Trader Profiles” series, in which Bruce Babcock called him “the world’s leading authority on RSI.”

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