Trading Harmonic Elliott Waves like a PRO – Udemy

Trading Harmonic Elliott Waves like a PRO – Udemy focuses more on how to use the Harmonic Elliott Wave theory in trading. You will also get to know the instructor’s favorite and most reliable trading setups.

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Course overview

Trading Harmonic Elliott Waves like a PRO – Udemy explains how to use Wave Analysis to find high probability short-term and long-term trading setups. It provides the guidelines to gain optimal entries, set multiple targets as well as modify your stop loss orders.

This course is designed for Technical Analysis.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Micro Setups to Go Long
  • How to Trade Micro Setups
  • Macro Setups
  • Why Using the Setups for Nailing Major Bottoms May Not Work Too Well
  • Wave 3: the Strongest Part of the Rally
  • Corrective Subwave B Down of Wave 3 Up
  • Wave 4: My Favorite Trading Setup in Depth
  • Traders’ Paradise: Sweet Spot Inside the Five Wave Up Fractal
  • “Compressed” Impulsive Structure: Subwave C in A-B-D Corrective Structure
  • Imperfect Five Wave Micro Structure of Wave C Inside Corrective A-B-C Structure
  • Bonus Video Lessons
  • New! Wave 4 Down
  • New! Become a Pro in Trading a Corrective A-B-C Up Pullback
  • Navigating Through Multiple Paths for a Corrective (A)-(B)-(C) Down Pullback


What will you learn?

  • A simple profitable Trading System.
  • Reliable Micro Setups to Enter trades, set multiple targets and set and adjust protective stop loss orders.
  • How to identify a direction of the Main Trend on a higher time frame.
  • How to “trade with the trend” in order to increase winning rate.
  • How Average Gain-to-Average Loss ratio impacts your overall results.
  • How to control and improve Average Gain-to-Average Loss ratio to start making money.
  • How to predict termination point of wave 3, the strongest part of rallies and declines.
  • What makes a corrective wave 4 the most reliable setup to trade.

Who is this course for?

This course is perfect for traders who are either:

  • Stock, Options and Futures Traders who want to start “reading the tape” without any indicators. You will start to understand what the market will do next.
  • Portfolio Managers who would like to know when is the right time to add exposure to the overall market, specific sectors or stocks.
  • Technical Analysts who lost faith in the classic Elliott Wave theory. This modified version of the Wave Principle will pleasantly surprise you.
  • Individual Investors who try to improve their trading results and become more confident in making investment decisions.


Additional Information

This second video course “How to Trade Like a Pro“  is continuation of the first introductory course. It goes deeper into the same subjects.



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