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OPTHINK stands out as a pioneering digital training platform empowering you to anticipate, influence, and guide the actions of others, enabling you to discreetly assert control over your daily interactions.

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Secrets From The Greatest Spies You’ve Never Known: Shadow Lessons is my private collection of interviews with elite covert operatives from around the world. Get spy tools, tactics, and tales directly from former KGB and CIA officers and learn how to catch liars, spot covert influence, and stop bad guys that threaten you, your family, and your future!

OPTHINK is based on Real-World Spy Training Found Nowhere Else Outside Of Elite Intel Academies:

  • 27 Operational Thinking Training Modules that give you the mindset of an elite operator, so you can predict, control, and direct the behavior of those around you.
  • ​Advanced Training Tools to Master Influence that transform your relationship with others so you can create new opportunities, new relationships, and new wins.
  • ​Real-World Application Training that gives you the step-by-step process to apply your new skills in the real world.
  • BONUS #1: Practical OPTHINK Exercises that guide you in building, planning, and executing your own influence operation just like a real spy.
  • ​BONUS #2: Lifetime Access to the OPTHINK Platform so you can go at your own pace with 24/7 access to the OPTHINK resource library… forever.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

OPTHINK will give you the tools to predict behavior, control situations, and run influence ops — if it doesn’t, send me a note and I will immediately refund your full payment, plus you can keep everything I sent you!

Operational Thinking (A/K/A OPTHINK) Is The Foundation Of Every Covert Operation.
OPTHINK is all about taking certain cognitive steps to gain and maintain control in current and future situations.
OPTHINK gives you the power to predict human behavior, so you can stay ahead of everyone around you.
​OPTHINK gives you the foresight to anticipate future decisions made by leaders and shot-callers.
​OPTHINK gives you the control to set things in motion that will create an environment favorable to your goals.
CIA would not be the most successful intel agency in history if it didn’t indoc every new recruit into operational thinking.

Everything you do at CIA – every mission, every training, every debrief – is done through the lens of operational thinking.
An Elite Program Brought To You From The Shadows.
EverydaySpy’s OPTHINK Platform Is A Self-Paced Digital Master-Course That Gives You A Simple And Repeatable System To Use Operational Thinking.

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