Option Trading Tactics – Oliver Velez

Option Trading Tactics by Oliver Velez shows you new paths and approaches to options trading, making it your primary arsenal among financial instruments.

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Pristine, Oliver Velez
MS Options Trading

Course Overview

Learn to trade options the powerful way in this Option Trading Tactics by Oliver Velez. With proper training, any investor can safely add options trading to his investment arsenal. The course will provide proven guidelines that short-term (or income-generating) and longer-term (or wealth-building) investors can apply. Velez outlines 4 basic styles of options trading and the essential tactics common to winning option traders. Then, you’ll find specific methods for using charts to define price trends, recognize turning points, and signal hot buy/sell opportunities.


Course Outline

  • Introduction: Welcome to Options Trading
  • Chapter 1: The Four Styles of Trading
  • Chapter 2: The Tools for Options Trading
  • Chapter 3: The Pristine Method
  • Chapter 4: Pristine Options
  • Chapter 5: Putting it All Together
  • Appendix: Option Pricing
  • Glossary


What Will You Learn?

  • The “five-bar rule” for predicting market turns
  • Keys to spotting vital price points & bull/bear strategies for profiting from them
  • Effective methods for playing the NASDAQ with options
  • How to “ignore the numbers”– but study the charts


Who is This Course For?

Option Trading Tactics by Oliver Velez is designed in a way that a beginner in options trading can follow and put the knowledge into practice.


Oliver Velez

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