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 In the Drama Free Day Trades Pro Package by Simpler Trading, you will continue to follow Kody as he demonstrates how he does this really simple strategy each morning in the first 30 minutes of trading for the next six days.

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Course Overview

What if you could finish your trading day in only a few minutes? Is it possible to have a “complete” trading day in less than an hour? Kody Ashmore, the Director of Weekly Options Strategies, raised his account by more than 60% in three months by doing just that, and he’s now sharing his 1% per day method with you in this step-by-step tutorial.

You will continue to follow Kody as he displays how he performs this amazingly easy technique each morning in the first 30 minutes of trading over these six more recorded days. Having all twelve sessions spread out across weeks allows you to go deeper into the 1% a day method since you’ll have more days to see him apply his technique in the market for a longer length of time.

Course outline

  • Introduction
  • Kody Ashmore’s day trading strategies in under one hour
  • Step-by-step guideline about how to implement these techniques
  • Skills, tips and tricks when day trading within a few minutes

What will you learn?

  • Case Study: Kody’s 60+% account growth in over 3 months
  • The key to determining your bias for the market day
  • How to put time on your side when trading options
  • Why the 1% per day strategy isn’t affected by the pattern day trading rule
  • How to put the Greeks in your favor
  • Case Study: Kody’s $850 profit in a few hours in SPX

Who is this course for?

This course is designed to:

  • Traders who don’t have so much time to focus on trading all day
  • Traders who need to speed up their trading process but still keep up the good work.


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