Disciplined Trader Mastery Kit – Norman Hallett

Disciplined Trader Mastery Kit by Norman Hallett shows you that the first step to becoming a successful trader is to be disciplined and how to achieve it.

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Trading Psychology, Norman Hallett, The Disciplined Trader
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Course Overview

The Disciplined Trader Mastery Kit Norman Hallett is a powerful, yet easy-to-use system that can transform any Trader from timid to mentally tough.


Walk through this simple, short, but effective trading psychology system, and within days you’ll notice a marked difference in your ability–to make smarter decisions with ice-water-in-the-veins calm, quickly recover from losing trades, dramatically increase your percentage of winning trades, and much, much more!


Course Outline

  • Basic Webinars
  • Core Modules
  • Interviews
  • Website
  • Construct an Effective Trading Plan.pdf
  • Interviews.rar
  • The Power of Concentration.pdf
  • Though Vibration.pdf
  • Trader Discipline Quiz.pdf
  • Trader Discipline Quiz Answers.pdf
  • Trading Journal Primer.pdf
  • Website.rar


What Will You Learn?

  • Creating a Superior Trading Plan
  • Risk and Money Management
  • Treating Trading as a Business
  • Subconsciously training combined with targeting affirmations to create synergy and forge new neural pathways to spark huge improvement in your mental and emotional approach to trading
  • Determining Your Current Level of Trading Discipline


Who is This Course For?

Disciplined Trader Mastery Kit by Norman Hallett will help any trader make well preparation for their trading psychology, especially when it comes to disciplines.




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