Master Trader, Forex Mentor, Master Analyst, RE Investor

Yusef Scott, also known as The Forex GOAT online, has developed a series of basic and uncomplicated Forex methods that have been proved to be efficient. As a result, thousands of individuals have gone through his instruction to understand why The SDEFXTM University is so popular.

Yusef Scott is tasked with not only remaining the “Pillar of Support” to suffering Forex traders throughout the world, but also motivating and encouraging Forex traders to not give up and to believe that they, too, can achieve the degree of success in the markets that they desire.

Mr. Yusef Scott has been the helpline for THOUSANDS of suffering Forex traders throughout the world over the last 5 years. With so many people feeling that either Forex is complex or that being a profitable Forex trader is impossible, it has been his ambition to break that narrative by offering simple and efficient Forex techniques that require little-to-no indicators and effort to implement.

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