5-Day Master Trader Program Online Event 2020 – Mark Minervini

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5-Day Master Trader Program Online Event 2020 by Mark Minernivi presents proven techniques and strategies to profitably trade and undertake fewer risks.

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Mark Minervini
Finance Fundamentals

Course Overview

The trading course 5-Day Master Trader Program Online Event 2020 will be performed in the course of 3 days time with the instruction of 2 traders – Mark Minervini and David Ryan. The trading course 5-Day Master Trader Program Online Event 2020 will be a combination of highly experienced professionals that manage hedge funds, and family funds and work for large institutions, coupled with everyday folk who are new to trading.

Therefore, traders should know that participation in this trading course from Minervini will produce you that immediate graduation from being a novice into a professional in no time at all.

The reality of trading however is full of emotional traps and triggers that play to our weakness as a species and the trading course 5-Day Master Trader Program Online Event 2020 is here to help out as to how, when, and what to do in the trading market to produce the most optimal return of income.

Course Outline

  • Section 1: Specific Entry Point Analysis – SEPA
  • Section 2: Company Categories and Catalysts
  • Section 3: Valuation and Superperformance
  • Section 4: The Primary Trend – Non-Negotiable Criteria
  • Section 5: Fundamentals to Focus on
  • Section 6: A Picture is Worth a Million Dollars
  • Section 7: Timing a Low-Risk Entry Point
  • Section 8: The Pivot Point
  • Section 9: Time Compression
  • Section 10: Making the “Turn”
  • Section 11: The Cup Completion “Cheat” (3-C)
  • Section 12: The Natural Reaction and Tennis Ball Action
  • Section 13: Confirmations and Violations
  • Section 14: Failure Reset

What Will You Learn?

  • Detailed guidelines of tried-and-true strategies and techniques.
  • Deep dives into powerful methods and approaches to decode the market volatility.
  • Practical tools and tips for profitable investments and trades.
  • Illustrated case studies and examples for better understanding.

Who Is This Course For?

The course will be a great help for traders who have mastered the fundamentals and now want to develop effective strategies.



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