Andrea Unger

Speaker, Author

Andrea Unger was born in Germany. He graduated from the Polytechnic University of Milan (Politecnico di Milano) Mechanical Engineering Department with honors. He started his trading career in 2001, focusing on the design and development of trading systems. In 2006, Andrea published her first book related to money management. It was adapted into Chinese and published externally.

In 2008, Andrea was the first Italian to win the futures category of the world-famous World Cup® Trading Championship with a staggering 672% return. Then, successive successes appeared, in 2012, he officially became the only trader in global trading history to win the World Championship Futures championship 4 times in a row.

As a good speaker trader, Andre has been invited to speak and be interviewed at many international financial events.

Some best trading courses by Andrea Unger

  • Mastering Position Sizing
  • Trading Systems Supremacy
  • Portfolio Secrets
  • The Successful Trader’s Guide to Money Management: Proven Strategies, Applications, and Management Techniques
  • The Unger Method – The Winning Strategy of the 4-Time World Trading Champion
  • And more
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